Captain James Cook, R.N. 150 Years After

Captain James Cook, R.N. One Hundred and Fifty Years After
By Sir Joseph Carruthers
Edited & Annotated by Zachary Gorman

Limited Edition Hardback, $49.95
ISBN 9781925826975
June 2020 Release Date

According to detractors, Captain Cook’s centricity to the founding of Australia is a harmful colonialist “myth”. The man many of them blame for starting that myth is Sir Joseph Carruthers, one of the Fathers of Federation. Just in time for the 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing at Kurnell, the reader can now judge for themselves. Carruthers believed that Cook’s life was a meritocratic success story that should be held up as an example for his young nation to emulate. His passion was so infectious that it not only won over the Australian public, but managed to unite the whole of the English-speaking Pacific to come together to celebrate their greatest pioneer.–Sir-Joseph-Carruthers-Edited-Annotated-by-Zachary-Gorman_p_365.html

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