Dr Zachary Gorman is professional historian and the Academic Coordinator with the Robert Menzies Institute. He has published three books and five peer reviewed journal articles. His work has also appeared in the Daily Telegraph, the Spectator, and Quadrant.

Zachary is primarily an Australian historian with an interest in the classical liberal tradition of George Reid, Joseph Carruthers, and Bruce Smith. His first book Sir Joseph Carruthers: Founder of the New South Wales Liberal Party explored how liberalism came to be associated with the centre-right in this country. His thesis is that without the Tory staples of a landed aristocracy and an established Church of England, liberalism was given free rein for much of the 19th century and the conservative instinct became directed at its preservation.

Zachary previously worked as part of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program. He wrote the book Summoning Magna Carta: Freedom’s Symbol Over A Millennium which came out in early 2021. The book is a Burkean exploration of the importance of history and culture in preserving rights, covering the period from the Anglo-Saxon invasion of England to the pre-federation founding of Australia’s political institutions.

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