Captain James Cook, R.N. 150 Years After

Captain James Cook, R.N. One Hundred and Fifty Years AfterBy Sir Joseph CarruthersEdited & Annotated by Zachary GormanLimited Edition Hardback, $49.95ISBN 9781925826975June 2020 Release Date According to detractors, Captain Cook’s centricity to the founding of Australia is a harmful colonialist “myth”. The man many of them blame for starting that myth is Sir Joseph Carruthers, […]

How The Coronavirus Response Shows We Have Lost Our Fundamental Values

Australia’s response to the coronavirus threat reveals that we have lost our fundamental values. While our nation is faced with what is arguably the most significant peacetime threat since the great depression, it is worth reflecting on how we came together to overcome that tremendous obstacle.  As supermarkets witness brawls over toiletries, the Morrison government […]

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